Ceremony Outline

Your officiant should be able to help you confirm your order of service. Clients will receive a printable PDF of my official Ceremony Music Outline to assist in organizing song ideas prior to our song-selection meeting. Here are the areas where music is typically needed: PRELUDE: 3-6 songs Prelude music sets the tone for the ceremony. I often recommend that the majority of prelude music be instrumental, but that the final prelude song be sung (if you are including a vocalist). This quiets guests and lets them know that the ceremony is about to begin. You are welcome to select your prelude songs, or allow me to select songs that compliment your ceremony repertoire. PROCESSIONAL: 1-3 songs Processional music encompasses the songs that accompany grandparents, parents, honored guests, officiants, wedding party attendants, flower girls/ring bearers, grooms, and brides down the aisle. Depending on the number of people in each group, 1-3 songs will be needed. The groups/songs are typically separated as such: - Special Seating — grandparents, parents, and honored guests (i.e. Godparents, host couples, etc.) - Wedding Party — officiant, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearers - Bride or Groom or Couple CEREMONY MUSIC: 1 song Ceremony music includes any songs that are played or sung during the ceremony itself. This includes musical solos and background music during a Unity Ceremony (lighting a candle, mixing sand, planting a tree, sealing a wine box, etc). Not all ceremonies include music during the service, so don’t feel obligated to incorporate music if it doesn’t feel right. If you decide to include music, this is a great place to incorporate a song that has special meaning to the couple or to their families. RECESSIONAL: 1 song Upbeat songs are great here! I typically recommend instrumental music here (no singing) as guests are clapping loudly and singing won’t be heard. POSTLUDE: 1-2 songs Postlude music is played as guests leave their ceremony seats. Upbeat music is great here!


FAQ: Do you provide music for outdoor weddings?

Yes. A $100 service fee will be added to all invoices for outdoor services.

FAQ: Do you travel outside the Omaha area?

Yes! Please fill out my Contact form to inquire about potential travel fees associated with your event.