Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have experience playing & singing for Catholic weddings?

I sure do. I have extensive experience playing for Catholic church services, including weddings. I'm familiar with the intricacies of a Catholic wedding mass, including new rules for the Rite of Marriage. I've worked with countless priests in Omaha, and have come to learn their individual preferences for the wedding mass (for example, some want the 'Gloria' sung, some want it spoken, some omit it all together). Any time I am a guest in a new church as a wedding musician, I communicate with the liturgist or coordinator at the church ahead of time to be sure I understand any and all expectations. If you have additional questions or concerns in this area, don't hesitate to contact me.

Where is music needed during a Catholic wedding mass?

I have a music outline I email to clients when they are ready to select songs. It's a very helpful visual that shows you where music is needed. Please contact me if you are interested in receiving a copy of this document.


What's your cocktail music style?

I love to play a mix of jazz and pop songs... keeping things classy, but making sure there are songs people recognize! I especially love adding a jazzier, sophisticated feel to modern songs so that guests hear them in a new way.

Do you have a band?

I custom-create bands for each event, based on my clients' vision and budget. Sometimes a beautiful upright bass is a must-have, other times they really want a horn player of some kind. When possible, I really love including 3 or more players. For cocktail hour music, espeically with a large crowd, the energy and volume of the music need to match that of your energetic guests as they drink and mingle!

What are your cocktail hour music prices?

Generally speaking, my fee is $200/hour per musician for live cocktail hour music. Contact me to ask specific questions about incorporating classy cocktail hour music for your event!



Do you attend pre-nuptial rehearsals?

Not usually. As a professional, I can watch and time songs accordingly on the day of your wedding. If your wedding has unique circumstances or you would simply feel better if I attended your rehearsal, please ask. If I'm available, I will. My rehearsal fee is $50/hour.

Can you book additional musicians for us?

YES! I LOVE bringing in other musicians to play and sing with me. The more, the merrier! Any professional players hired by me on your behalf will be included on my invoice and contract, and I will coordinate all musical and logistical details with them. This means less work for you as you will only need to pay and communicate with one person. I offer this service even when I am not personally hired to provide music myself. I have a great network of professional musicians who have experience providing music for weddings. Please contact me if you would like to learn more.

What if we have a friend or familiy member whom we would like to work with you?

Great! Most professional musicians will be able to "jump on-board" without any issues. I offer a 20-minute rehearsal the day of the wedding (at no charge), starting 50 minutes before the ceremony begins. If the person(s) you would like to include do not have experience performing live, or for weddings specifically, and they need a little extra support from me, OR if you've selected very complicated music that requires us to rehearse together beyond 20 minutes, I am happy to schedule a rehearsal on our own time. My rehearsal rate is $50/hour.

Do you have your own portable keyboard?


Can you provide amplification for our officiant and/or readers?

Absolutely. I have a Bose tower sound speaker I can bring, along with 1 wireless lapel microphone, and 1 wireless hand-held microphone. If this is not enough, I can work with a reputable sound equipment rental company to coordinate the sound needs for your wedding.

What types of weddings have you provided music for?

Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methoidst, Christian, Jewish, Catholic, Civil Service, Same-sex, Outdoor; I've provided music for small weddings and large ones (6 people - 600 people); in fields, in churches, in synagogues, in homes, in backyards, in vineyards... and one time, on the beach in Greece!

What do you charge?

What wedding ceremony music services do you offer?

I am a pianist and singer. I can do both, or can be hired to do just one!

Do you travel?

Yes! Please contact me to inquire about travel fees outside the Omaha area.

Do you have pre-recorded music we can use for our ceremony?

Yes, please contact me

Can you sing our Spotlight Dance song(s) live at our reception?

Sure! I love doing this. Please contact me to dicuss intrumentation, songs, and fees. One of the great things about having live musicians perform your first dance or mother-son/father-daughter dance(s) is that we can create a shortened version to highlight the best parts of the song, so your dance feels beautiful, but not awkward. Pricing starts at $150. If I need to bring equipment, make a special backing track to sing to, or will be including additional musicians, the price may increase.


Do you have your own portable keyboard?

Yes! The fee to bring it is $50.

Do you have sound equipment we can use?

Yes, I have a Bose tower speaker and wireless microphone I am happy to bring and set up as amplification for your event. The fee is $150.

What do you charge for dinner/background music?

Solo Piano: $175/hour Small Band: $200/hour per musician



Do you require a deposit?

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your date. If I am hiring additional musicians for you, they will be booked and paid deposits (if required) once you have paid 50% of the total on your invoice. For all weddings, and any events where additional musicians are hired as part of my services, balance payments are due 10 days prior to your event. For funerals and private parties, balance payments can be paid on-site the day of your event/service.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, Venmo, Paypal, or credit card. CHECKS: please make payable to Karlyn Music VENMO: @KarlynMusic PAYPAL: (please use 'pay friends and family' option to avoid fees Instant Electronic Payments: There is an option on your invoice to 'Pay Invoice' electronically in the top right-hand corner. Once you've clicked this, you'll see a button to pay via Paypal or Credit. All electronic payments are processed via Paypal, even if you do not have a Paypal account. CREDIT/DEBIT CARD: To pay via credit or debit card, click 'Pay Invoice,' and then click the Paypal payment option (not the one that says 'Credit'). Scroll down until you see a blue prompt that says, "Pay via credit or debit card."